NowForward Enterprises

Ahimsa Yoga/Life Coach

Ahimsa is commonly translated to mean non-harming or non-violence, sometimes even compassion, both towards oneself and towards others.

My aim is to always conduct my life as well as my business ventures within this basic yogic principle

Longevity Coach






I have been fit and healthy most of my 52 years! Although I do not prescribe to any particular diet or label (ie. vegan, vegetarian, etc.), I have typically only eaten those things that didn't make me feel like s#!^.

At over 50, Yoga, diet and my daily Astaglow regimen keep me looking and feeling like a 30-something!

Youth Athletic Group Organizer and Coach

Throughout my nearly first two years here in PR I have connected with a few communities through ballin' with the kids. After IrMaria many community parks and courts have been destroyed, and the remaining are in disarray.

My groups aim is to clean up the courts, teach some fundamental basketball and promote education!