Why I Shoot


A Good Eye

One of my greatest strengths is seeing the shot that will say exactly what the occasion merits. Whether at a formal event or in a candid setting I have a good eye for those memorable photographs which you will cherish forever.

Why I shoot

My first artistic "passion" as a youth was my saxophone. I played in regular school band, our concert orchestra, and the performance jazz band in my 9th grade class. I always thought i would go on to be a jazz musician with my sax. However, the following summer we suffered a terrible fire that burned my sax beyond repair. Distraught, I took my warped horn to the pawn shop to see if they would trade for a used horn I saw there. To my further dismay, the owner rejected my request and explained the horn was worthless. The sax he was selling was an astronomical $450.

My horn playing days were over as was my life (It felt like it to a 14 year old anyway) and he could see the pain in my face. The owner then reached behind the counter and produced a dusty leather camera case and inside was an old model Chinon 35mm camera. He said it did not have any instructions and if I wanted it he would trade it for the broken saxophone.

I took the camera home and started searching around the library for information about how to best work the camera and taught myself how to take great photographs. I have since replaced that first camera, but for over 35 years I have honed my skills and continue to learn in this new digital age.

My artistic passion shifted to the medium of photography and I have never looked back. However, I eventually acquired another sax and enjoy playing when I can.

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